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Uncover Marriage


Shannen Fields Braswell is an award winning actress, producer, model, and inspirational speaker. Anthony Braswell is a pastor, inspirational speaker, content creator and leadership coach. We lost our late spouses to terminal illnesses within 8 weeks of each other. We both made the decision to heal forward and make each day count. As we took those steps, God allowed our paths to cross and our new friendship quickly turned into our very own miraculous love story. Together, we have been married a combined 55 years and have used that experience to create Uncover Marriage. We love to share our story and equip couples to experience the marriage of their dreams!


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Marriage is a gift from God and a beautiful picture of His love for the world. We have developed UNCOVER MARRIAGE, a fun, authentic and transparent marriage experience that we believe will strengthen marriages and families. What God wants to bless, the enemy wants to attack. So many marriages are unhealthy. They lack trust, freedom and intimacy. From this day forward, your marriage can be vibrant, healthy and life-giving. UNCOVER MARRIAGE can truly be a place of new beginnings!  We are passionate about equipping couples to uncover God’s design for marriage, a love story that will last.


A marriage by God’s design is built on: 


A Christ-Centered Relationship.  


Marriage was God’s idea and when we apply His wisdom to our relationships, we can do more than survive marriage, we can thrive in it. In this session, we will talk about how a Christ-centered relationship literally FUSE our marriage relationship.  


Authentic Communication. 


Communication is the cornerstone of a healthy marriage. If you find a couple who crushes it in the area of communication, it’s almost certain you’ve found a healthy and vibrant marriage.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen by accident or by chance. In this session, you’ll learn what it takes to unlock authentic communication.


Pure Intimacy. 


Healthy marriages are built on complete trust, intimacy, transparency and vulnerability.  That is God’s design for marriage and we don’t have to settle for anything less! 


A Stone Wall of Protection 


Why fight a battle in the future if you have the power to eliminate it today? The enemy wants to attack our marriages, therefore we must protect what God wants to bless.


Ice-Cream, Laughter & Memories 


What does true friendship and partnership look like? Here’s a hint, marriage should be FUN! Let’s create incredible experiences that we can celebrate for a lifetime!


If you are ready to book your next event or if you have a question, please let us know! We are ready to partner with you and  your team!

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