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Meet Anthony & Shannen

Life is amazing, then it’s awful and then it’s amazing again…and it’s breath-takingly beautiful. If anyone can share hope in the middle of life’s painful challenges, it’s Shannen and Anthony.  

Shannen Fields-Braswell is an award-winning actress, producer, writer and inspirational speaker. Her dreams were launched with the Kendrick Brother’s feature film, Facing the Giants, where she was cast as the lead female role of Brooke Taylor. The movie was released in 441 theaters across the United States by Sony Pictures through both Provident and Samuel Goldwyn Films.


To date, Shannen has appeared and starred in film and television projects over the past 19 years.


Shannen also partnered with Stone Road Pictures as one of the producers and was cast for one of the lead roles as Kerri Stein in the powerful pro-life feature film, The Order of Rights. She was also cast alongside TC Stallings in the feature film, My Brother’s Keeper. In addition, Shannen was also one of the producers and cast for the feature film, Song of the Tree Frogs, based on the novel by J.W. Kitson and most recently appeared opposite Keisha Knight Pulliam in the feature film, Redeemed.


Shannen was also cast as co-host in the mini television reality show, Rebuild and Restore, on PureFlix.  Currently, Shannen has been cast in an action-packed TV series thriller, Fragment, on the PureFlix Network. Shannen has also been cast in an upcoming new TV series, Love and Secrets, through both 24Flix and CAPS production company. 


Anthony Braswell graduated from East Carolina University and received his Master’s Degree in Leadership and Public Administration from Mid-America Christian University.  He is the founding pastor of Northpark Church in Raleigh, NC, and serves as the Director of Ministerial Development and Church Advancement for Eastern North Carolina Church of God.  He is a certified trainer and leadership coach with LeaderLabs, Essential Skills of Executive Leadership.  Anthony is also the founder and lead designer of Over the past 30 years, Anthony has served in local church ministry, as well as coaching pastors and business  leaders around the world. 


In the past few years, God has taken their lives in a very different direction. They have lived what it means to discover beauty from the ashes. Shannen and Anthony both lost their late spouses to terminal illnesses, but refused to allow those experiences to define them. Together, they frequently speak at churches, marriage, family and leadership conferences.  They love to share their story, equip couples to experience the marriage of their dreams and inspire others to“heal forward.” 

Pain brought us here but love is "HEALING US FORWARD."

Anthony & Shannen

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